Shrinkage Ring -ASTM
Measuring the Restrained Shrinkage According to


Schleibinger Shrinkage Ring for determination of age at cracking and induced tensile stress characteristics of mortar and concrete under restrained shrinkage according to ASTM C1581.
Data logger is necessary to collect the measured data (order no. S0003). Up to 5 Schleibinger Shrinkage rings can be connected to the data logger.

Technical data:
 inner steel ring Ø330 x 13 x 150 mm, tolerances according to ASME B 46.1.
 outer ring: stainles steell Ø405 mm
 base plate: made of Polypropylene

 ASTM Shrinkage ring with strain gauges and measuring amplifier
 Screws and washers for attaching the rings to the mounting base plate
 clamping screws and fastening material
 cover plate for the sample
 connection for thermocouple type K for recording the sample temperature. The thermocouple will be embedded in the concrete and can be reused.
 2 thermocoule type K
 weight approx. 25 kg

Datalogger SR for the Shrinkage Rings
You can connect up to 5 shrinkage rings to the data-logger. The length change is recorded. The measurement values are digitized and stored by the data-logger. Synchronously with the length change, temperature may be stored by the data-logger.
The data-logger has an Ethernet interface 100Base/T and a build in WEB server. So you can integrate the logger in your Intranet. You can access your measurement data from every PC in your network with a normal Internet browser. Additionally, you can save the data on a common USB storage device.
Dimensions: 24 x 21 x 6 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg.