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Better analysis
Because of its efficiency, fusion is often the method of choice for preparing a wide range of samples for analysis by X-ray fluorescence (XRF), atomic absorption (AA) and inductively coupled plasma (ICP). For optimal, accurate and effective results, it is crucial to use a proper borate flux for the required fusion.
Better fluxes
Designed to optimize your analysis.
XRF Scientific America's range of top-quality borate fusion fluxes feature:
 Vitrified - Anhydrous granules
 Highly homogenous and pre-fused formulations
 Pure and High Purity qualities: >99.98%
 Very low hygroscopy, LOI - 0.05% typical
 Integrated non-wetting agents

Standard flux types Granular fluxes with integrated lithium bromide 100% LiT +0.5%LiBr 1019200 66% LiT : 34% LiM +0.5%LiBr 1012500 50% LiT : 50% LiM +0.5%LiBr 1008500 35.3% LiT : 64.7% LiM (12:22)+0.5%LiBr 1001300 100% LiM +0.5%LiBr 1017820 Granular fluxes with integrated lithium iodide 100% LiT +0.5%Lil 1019300 66% LiT : 34% LiM +0.5%Lil 1012600 50% LiT : 50% LiM +0.5%Lil 1008600 35.3% LiT : 64.7% LiM (12:22) +0.5%Lil 1001400 100% LiM +0.5%Lil 1017825 Custom Flux A range of flux compositions are available including Lanthanum, Sodium, and Fluoride based fluxes. XRF Scientific Americas can supply fusion flux formulations for any customer requirement. Internal standard fluxes providing very high precision results for the analysis of nickel, iron ore and copper. In some instances, they can eliminate "loss of ignition" determinations providing significant cost and time benefits. Additives State of the art mixing and multi stage splitting equipment integrate Non Wetting Agents (NWA), oxidizers or both into our fusion fluxes.  Lithium nitrate oxidizing agent 1 - 4%  Sodium nitrate oxidizing agent 5 - 20%  Lithium bromide release agent 0.1 - 0.5%  Lithium iodide release agent 0.1 - 0.5% Granular fluxes without additives 100% LiT 1018200 66% LiT : 34% LiM 1011200 50% LiT : 50% LiM 1007300 35.3% LiT : 64.7% LiM (12:22) 1000100 100% LiM 1017800

Lower costs
KPL Scientific fusion fluxes can lead to an overall reduction in costs in two ways:
• Pricing — All XRF Scientific Americas fusion fluxes are available at competitive prices in economical 1 kg jars.
• Efficiency — Being of very high quality and purity, XRF Scientific Americas fusion fluxes lead to consistent fusions and lower operating costs.
More choice,
better service
In addition to high-quality fusion fluxes, XRF Scientific Americas also supplies pure non-wetting agents such as lithium bromide and Ammonium Iodide tablets.
Every time you buy from us, you can be assured of:
• Fast deliveries, fusion fluxes are in stock
Option to:
• Combine your fusion flux order with the supply of platinum labware
• Deliver to International destinations
• Order custom formulations

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