- AGGRAMETER ( En Gelişmiş AGREGAMETER - Agrega Ölçüm Cihazı)
James instruments, manufacturer of the worlds most advanced Non-Destructive-Test-Equipment Introduces with great pride the new Aggrameter [Inline image 1] .

The Aggrameter [Inline image 5] builds on the heritage of the Trident [Inline image 3] and introduces a better and improved measurement device to
determine the moisture content using the latest microwave and microprocessor technology.
Features & Benefits • Fast and easy to use; simply insert the prongs into the sand or aggregate being tested
• Accurate • Completely Portable • Easy to Read Display

The Aggrameter [Inline image 2] will be shipped including the advanced Aggralinx [Inline image 4] software. The Aggralinx [Inline image 6] software will allow connection of the instrument to a Windows [Inline image 9] 7, 8 or 10 personal computer. All the data stored by the unit can be uploaded to the personal computer for inclusion in quality control reports or any other form for later analysis. The software will also allow the user to 'customize' the Aggrameter [Inline image 7] to a specific material. This will dramatically increase the accuracy of the unit.
Trident [Inline image 10] With the introduction of the Aggrameter [Inline image 8] we would also like to inform you that the Trident will be at the end-of-life and will be taken out of production.
Although we still have a number of devices in stock to support existing demand until the end of the year.
Thank you and attached is a copy of the datasheet for your review

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